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Family Photography - we dare you to be different

Recreate old film scenes

Recreate magazine front pages

Think about Fantasy photography

For their engagement, this couple wanted to recreate the famous romantic scenes from a film for their invitations.  They chose the film "Lady and the Tramp' and the famous spagetti eating scene.

Great Ideas

Why Not Be Different...

Your Choice - Black and White - or Colour

Capturing a single frame from the soap opera of your life.  Indoor or outdoor photography, focusing upon happy images that mirror our real lives.
Indoor or outdoor locations

Make the most of your wedding day memories with top class  photography and videography , making sure you never forget that special occasion.
Video, picture stills, music

Our Grandparents & Parents have had wonderful lives.  Photography and video is the best way to capture and remember every monent and occasion.
Home, studio or location

We don't eactly do normal... we do special, extroadinary and unusual.  All of our photography and video portraits are beautifully shot as a prerequisite, I believe that each picture frame must tell a compelling and amazing story.
It's a pictorial narrative of your wonderful life. 












Everything we point our camera lenses at, is well thought through and carefully assessed with the client.  This is about capturing the story of your life, so it must convey individualness, character, charm, personality and almost poetic beauty.  It's like capturing a single frame from the soap opera called your life.  Now isn't that more interesting !











Each step we take in our wonderful life story, represents a marker, a milestone, our goals and crowning achievement.  Photography and video forms the best way to capture, remember and reminisce each and every special occasion.





















Photographs have the power to move us and such like images can grab our attention and communicate directly to our emotions.  The power of Photography at its best, is a powerful communication which speaks a language or its own.




















We don't just do smiles, we deliver memorable photography that...
                                tells an irresistable story

Romantic reenactment, Honeymoons, renewal of wedding vows and fantasy photography are all excellent ways to record
a life and love
shared together.
Home or location

We cover all sorts of special occasions from surprise parties, anniversaries, memorials, remembrance, retirements, leaving
do's and birhday events.


Home or location

'Family music box' videos tell the story of your journey and odyssey through life ighlighting the love,  happiness and everything achieved together. 
Home or studio

Family Portraits can be captured at home, studio or exterior locations.  We provide the creative ideas and a variety of props and coloured backdrops.
Home, studio or location

Our personal portraits and lifestyle photography has a style that engages with the viewer, conveying the sitters character, honesty, emotion and charm.
Home, studio or location

Our pet photography offers you a beautiful collection of images as well as knowing that these timeless images of your pet will forever be immortalised as your loving friend and companion . 
Interior or exterior

Posing from a scene of your favourite film 'Breakfast at Tiffanies' or maybe you want to be a rockstar, West End hitman or ballerina... your choice.
We can organise props, costumes, locations etc

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