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We dont just do smiles, we try to deliver memorable photography... that tells an irresistable story!

Our parents and Grandparents are so precious to us and one of the best presents you could ever give them is a Reds 'Portrait Photography Session' or 'Wonderful Life Film.'

I wanted to be free to create truly real, breath-taking and occasionally spectacular trademark photographs.  Focusing upon using natural light, aided on occasions by fill constant light sources to add moody, filmic look and here, I am able to develop the same flattering style used by the great master painters, before the invention of electricity.  I like to work without the confines of the excessive lighting equipment, I dont want to bleach a picture and see a row of white teeth, I prefer pictures  that capture the mood and tell an irresistable story.   Its an attempt to intimately capture the essence and beauty of a person. 

Personal Photography

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