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Why we all need to join the social and visual media revolution!

Reds can help you

create your own profile video, it be can easier and cheaper than you think!

SeanO is a photographer, cameraman and artist  He is the consumate creative with over 30 years of  photographic and filmmaking experience working with ITV, SKY, BBC, ESPN, CH7 and many more.


So why take pictures and shoot video?  Well its my passion and I think people are pretty amazing,  everyone has a story to tell and when people smile, turn around and say thanks for what I produce for them... I'm quite simply overwelmed.


Why is the company called Reds, well its my favourite colour, its also the colour that's keenly related to love, passion, affection, warmth and desire.  And that is exactly what I am always striving to capture. 


As a self shooting director of film and photography, SeanO (Sean O'Toole ) has over 20 years of experience working across film, video and photography projects.  SeanO also has extensive experience of editing, producing graphics, sound-dubbing, voicing and presenting broadcast television programmes  (ITV/SKY/BBC Local Television, cinema).


SeanO works  on any scale of project and he is just as happy to produce dynamic family portraits, photo profiles, life videos as working on television documentaries or broadcast news etc.  He can also work on almost any format given, whether it be digital photos, TX tape/hard-disc for broadcast.  He is also experienced at producing content for DVD. mobile phone, iPad and all other digital media formats.

SeanO & Reds

SeanO has a diverse background both creative and commercial.  He understands the fundementals of commercial business where he has learnt to excercise good editorial judgement, garnered from working in broadcast news and Senior Project Manager positions working for two Local Government/University projects.  Public sector assignments focused on partnership work, aimed at place shaping, city regeneration and business development activities.   Futhermore, SeanO has wide-ranging experience in digital media, holding senior managerial and directorial positions within ITV and the DotCom computer games industries. 


Lastly, SeanO also has a strong commercial background working with UEFA and within the FA Premier League set-up, as Commercial Manager of both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United Football Clubs.  He has also accepted high profile photographic  and filming assignments with some of Europe's biggest football clubs.

Solid commercial and public sector background

SeanO works with many commercial clients, large and small and gets a tremendous sense of satisfaction helping business people find their voice and become more confident broadcasters of their company, product and services.


"The real challenge is to produce business films that make the viewer feel charmed by the people behind the brand."

FACT:  More often than not, when the audience likes the people, they also feel compelled to like the brand too.

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Mixing Quality with Affordability

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VIDEO - Helping business people find their voice

Over 20 Years exeperience working with the following companies and brands:

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