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Why you need to join the visual media revolution!

At Reds, we specialise in bringing information to life, creating entertaining, innovative and affordable visual media.

"You work hard,  you offer great product and services  ... let the world  know about your achievements"

87% of online marketers
are now using videos.

FACT: In 2013, 72% of all adults bought goods and services online, up from 53% in 2008.

FACT:  87% of all online marketers are now using video.

FACT:  We now live in era of digital communications where Facebook, Youtube, Google and Vimeo are just some of the exciting tools for engaging with people. What's more, its an ever growing gateway towards new and existing clients.

                            The colour Red is keenly related to

love, passion, intensity, need and desire.

In a similar fashion our company attempts to produce  business, brand and service films, that uniquely creates the power of attraction. 

We are looking for the perfect  end-result,

where  the viewer audience love the people,

together with the product, service and brand.


"Reds produces quality HD videos and can help you reach  your target audiences via TV - laptop - iPad & Mobile"

Every story we tell, every video we produce is largely focused upon dynamic and interesting people.  We make films that create the power of attraction, energizing  public interest in your vision and ideas.


At Reds every film, image and story we produce, must burn brightly, emanating energy, raw emotion and perhaps most importantly have the power of attraction with the viewer audience. 

For FREE Chat or quotation... phone 07708 372580

"Share your vision... producing your own

profile video can be cheaper than you think"

At Reds we get to work with many commercial clients, large and small, where we get a tremendous sense of satisfaction in helping  people to find their voice and make it heard.  We're focused upon helping business people to become more confident broadcasters of  their company, product and services.

Many hundreds of thousands of SME's are joining the visual media revolution, as brands and businesses are now begining to coordinate their communications across a plethora of broadcast platforms such as TV, laptop, iPad and mobile phone.

Many Company leaders are not only leaders of business but leaders within society.

SeanO likes working with local business people and explains "You get to meet so many different, inventive and creative people, where local business leaders are truly at the apex of shaping our future.  They are helping to influence our cities, towns and communities by providing employment, innovation and growth.  They all have a compelling story to tell."

Helping local business reach local viewers via TV, laptop, iPad & mobile phone

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