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Art - modern contemporary portraits

Rafa Nadal

Recreate old film scenes

Recreatemagazine front page

Think about Fantasy photography

For their engagement, this couple wanted to recreate the famous romantic scenes from a film for their invitations.  They chose the film "Lady and the Tramp' and the famous spagetti eating scene.

Great Ideas

Why Not Be Different...

Sports People - capturing the person, the personality, the drive, the ambition

Children & Baby Portraits

Style of the Masters

Pop Art

Acrylic on board

Contemporary Art

Ayrton Senna

Acrylic on board

City Scape & Landscapes

Graphite Drawings

Watercolour Portraits

Political Satire

Reds Family Art - produces, sources and supplies affordable copy and original artwork.Reds is the place to be for art lovers, we source and produce affordable family art in a diversity of styles.  People can have their likeness painted in the style of Warhol, Schiele, van Gogh, Monet, choosing from contemporary, classic portraiture, pop-art to digital designs .  Reds also offers quality work from great unknown artists, alongside prints/originals of well-known established artists.

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