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20 Years Photography, Videography and Artwork Experience

Over 20 Years exeperience working with the following companies and brands:

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We don't eactly do normal... we do special, extroadinary and unusual.  All of our photography and video portraits are beautifully shot as a prerequisite, I believe that each picture frame must tell a compelling and amazing story, a pictorial narrative of your wonderful life.  Everything we point our camera lenses at is well thought through and agreed with the client.  This is about capturing the story of your life, so it must convey individualness, character, charm, personality and almost poetic beauty.  It's like capturing a single frame from the soap opera called your life.  Now isn't that more interesting !

Our faimily films, biographies and musical pictures shows are bespokely created to capture the essence and personality of the family or that of a cherished individual.  Personal video biographies have the amazing power to connect generations forever, the ultimate timeless gift for yourself, your family and your bloodline descendants.  Individual biography films are designed to acknowledge, celebrate or commemorate the life of someone worth remembering.

A piece of beautiful art adds personality, character and style to any room or family home.

SeanO is also an established modern portrait artist, making some pretty cool affordable art by private commission.  With many happy customers, he understands the individual needs and desires of each and all of his clients. We also provide an unequaled service to help people connect and commission with other portrait artists and bespoke works of art.

We cover all sorts of special occasions from surprise parties, anniversaries, memorials, remembrance, retirements, leaving
do's and birhday events.

Delivering epic stories and biographies that celebrate some of Britain's most industrious small businesses.  Broadcast quality films, created in short documentary style, we capture the unconquerable beating heart of business or beautiful brand.  Filmic quality stories that portray the essence of the business, vision, people and entrepreneurial character.  Beautifully shot in stunning 1080p HD... I guarenteed the world is waiting to be impressed!

Fantasy art photography creates surreal portraits that never fail to impress.  Whatever your desires, we produce, even if it means recreating sets and scenes from famous films, books or photos.  The photographs really stand out, as we combine green screne and Photoshop manipulation with real location backdrops and props. Ladies photographs might beautifully portray women that are transformed into leading ladies from film scenes, even fairytale  princesses or witches.  Whilst the men might reenact east end gangsters, racing drivers, gamblers, sports stars or Italian Godfathers etc.

SeanO will capture your special day in my unique style of creative wedding style story telling, making sure you keep forever those cherished and beautiful memories of one of the happiest days of your life.  I have a philosophy on life, that 'beauty is found in everything and everyone.'   Whether the occasion is a grand affair or small circle of family and friends, I can help you capture that beauty, ensuring you keep forever the magic of the moment you said
'YES' to each other.

SeanO has worked with some of the worlds top sporting brands, both photographically and commercially (FA, UEFA, FIFA, Man Utd, Arsenal, Barcelona and many more).  He works privately and discreetly (or as desired) with Football Clubs and Sporting Personalities to help leverage powerful pro-social communication films, serving to inspire fan bases and audiences everywhere.

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Sean O'Toole (SeanO) is a portrait photographer, creative artist and filmmaker.
I believe it's a wonderful life, and its my job to help people  capture those treasured memories and precious moments through the mediums of photography, video and vibrant contemporary artwork.   My close friends  say, I have a knack for helping people achieve their photograpic desires, creating portrait style images that surpasses client visualisation.  As a creative artist, its my sole mission to produce something special and sometimes, the unimaginable.  However, I always deliver pictures, film, video and artwork that will create a lasting impression for many generations of friends and family to love and enjoy.

It's like capturing a single frame from the soap opera called your life...

Who ever ordained that stylish and immaginative photo-shoots, life biographies and portraiture artwork should be the sole domain of actors, sports stars, politicians and the worlds top entrepreneurs.  There are great and wonderful people everywhere and through film and art, we want to tell your awesome story. 

Remembrance & Memorial Films & Storyboards
Beautiful and compelling  short films that
celebrate the life of a dear one recently departed.  Pictures, video, music or maybe interviews can timeline a persons life, the family loved, acquaintances and friends who all contributed to a wonderful life.


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