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"I asked myself, who ever set the boundary that only the famous told their biographies of a life worth living!"

"Our families form the part of an epic collective biography
and each have the most amazing true stories to tell."


Don’t let your family stories fade away
Just like the shapes of a jigsaw puzzle, most of us have 1000’s of photographs, films, home-videos, phone camera snaps and selfies, where each picture relates to the collective pieces of our lives. At Reds, we can help you create one of the greatest family stories, just waiting to be told.

Remembrance & Memorial Films
Beautiful and compelling  short films that
celebrate the life of a dear one recently departed.  Pictures, video, music or maybe interviews can timeline a persons life, the family loved, acquaintances and friends who all contributed to a wonderful life.

Wonderful Life Films

Supplied on: DVD - Online - USB

Wonderful Life Story Boards

Ideal for Funerals or Crematorium Services
Commemorating a 'Wonderful Life'

'Memorial Photo Story Boards' are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a person who once gracefully walked through our lives.  Our remembrance and memorial boards are ideal for funerals or crematorium masses, services, wakes or family get-togethers.


I truly believe there is beauty and greatness in everyone and photo story boards are a great way to illustrate the 'Wonderful Life' of a person who was considered a loving or supportive friend in our journey through life.

Click board to view

Board size: 4ft x 2.5ft

Remembrance & Memorial

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