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Pet Photography - ensure their beautiful image lives on forever

Recreate old film scenes

Recreatemagazine front page

Think about Fantasy photography

For their engagement, this couple wanted to recreate the famous romantic scenes from a film for their invitations.  They chose the film "Lady and the Tramp' and the famous spagetti eating scene.

Great Ideas

Why Not Be Different...

Reds attempts to create dynamic imagery between owners and their pets.  We like to capture the special relationship values between you both, offering you a enduring memory of that friend in your life.
Video, picture stills, music

Dogs off the leash

Our pet photography sessions are relaxed and fun for everyone - especially for your pet who will feel like a rockstar from all of the love and attention!  After each photo session you'll receive a wonderful collection of images, where these timeless images that your pets will be able to live on in forever.


Cats at play


Gentle, shy and so cute!


Striking the pose of wonder dog


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