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True Romance

Far from the madding crowd

Recreate old film scenes

Recreate magazine front page

Think about Fantasy photography

For their engagement, this couple recreate a famous romantic scene from a film for their Wedding invitations. 

Great Ideas

Why Not Be Different...

True Romance Photography  - Location, film,

What other popular photos
have a way of sparking
romantic inspiration
within us?
Video, picture stills, music

Children & Baby Portraits

True Romance photograpy and videography highlights the start of a journey, hghlighting the life, love and happiness. 
Video, picture stills, music

Style of the Masters

These iages represent the deep sense of unconditional love
and togetherness.

Video, picture stills, music

Contemporary Art

After Dark

Was this the most romantic picture of all time?  The man believed to be responsible for arguably the most romantic photo ever taken. Glenn McDuffie, claims to be the sailor in the Times Square kissing photo taken during a celebration after the World War II victory.  Through an act of sheer joy when he was much younger (and thanks to a camera man positioned at exactly the right place and time), McDuffie left behind an iconic image that will forever move us to experience all the feelings.

Sweet on eachother - at the cake shop

Paris - perhaps the most romantic City on earth

Is this the most romantic photo of all time?

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